A Brief Critique of ‘A Dark Room’

The student composed audio piece, A Dark Room, proposes a state of depression as a place of mind, one that leads an anonymous interviewee to feelings of ‘self-doubt and worthlessness’. Exploring the implications of a metaphorically conceived dark room, the selected narrative effectively tells the individuals story in a concise and simplistic manner. This subtlety is further extended to the use of ambient sound in the use of heavy breathing and the opening and closing of doors. Subject to an individual’s interpretation, analytically I propose the heavy breathing as an indicator of struggle and the contrasting opening and closing of objects as the fickleness of a place of mind, beautifully portrayed. Added to this, exempting music in this piece was creatively correct,  as it’s absence allows the audience to focus on the words selected, establishing a sense of loss and confusion. Furthermore, the use of a guitar in the background accentuates a development of character further adding to the story, without the need for words. Overall, this piece is extremely strong in the use of narrative and ambient sounds. From a critical standpoint however, one may critique the piece to be shortcoming in effectively emphasising the notion of place and in lacking closure.