JRNL101-An Interview With Trent Thomas


Trent Thomas 22, is currently undertaking his fourth year of Bachelor of Journalism & Media Communications-Majoring in Digital Media, at the University of Wollongong. A large sector of his university life is dominated by UOWTV Multimedia and Newsroom, both presenting opportunities for participation and experience. Trent shares his story, his roles in different projects and his future goals for a career in journalism.


All of Trent’s past, present and future projects are available through the following links:
UOWTV Multimedia-Newsdesk


Studio 20 Live

Four Pointers Podcast




JRNL101: Vox Pop 2- What’s Your Favourite Cartoon Show?

It’s a hard question, that many of us will be torn by. What is your favourite cartoon show? It’s hard to look past popular cartoons that currently dominate our television screens like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park. Though let’s not forget the shows that kept us entertained as children presented by Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

JRNL 101 Assessment 2- Vox Pop #2

JRNL101: Vox Pop 1- Cat vs. Dog

The great debate between the cat and the dog has been long and strenuous; dog chases cat, cat chases mouse. Though we always favour one over the other, but which one? I took to the paths of the University of Wollongong, and asked fellow students on who they thought the better animal was.

3, 2, 1. GO!

JRNL 101 Assessment 2- Vox Pop #1

University Life #2- The Watering Hole



A heavily filled UniBar after a long day of classes, filled with students, teachers and other workers.

The day is over. A huddled mass of exhausted, stressed and thirsty university students charge towards the local watering hole, UniBar. As a means of alleviating the stresses of exams and the pressures of university, consuming a schooner or two at the end of the day seems to be most popular. A collaboration of students, each studying different degrees come together and unite, irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity; a place for all. Essentially UniBar acts as a social outlet, allowing for relaxation and leisure, as student Trent Thomas 22, describes as being ‘fundamental to our overall sanity and survival’.

University Life #1-Pondering a Future Away From the Flock


Duck Pond

University of Wollongong’s Duck Pond

For many students, university is the first time when we are required to move away from home and leave everything and everyone behind. Confronting and intimidating, we are faced with a variety of obstacles and challenges that we overcome, new environments and ideas that we embrace. Exposed to a world of endless possibilities, we discover who we really are. We come together, form a new flock, designing our futures and making our mark on the world.

The start of university is a time of awakenings and new horizons, the start of something new. It’s our time. It’s time to fly.

Portrait #3- A Home at Harrington


Jade Hall 18, Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies, Majoring in Journalism

Jade Hall
18, Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies, Majoring in Journalism

‘I struggle being here; while everyone else is in

England…I’m not with who I want to be. [But] I’ve made this home now.’

Moving from Manchester almost six years ago, the distance of family has left university student Jade Hall 18, with a lack of belonging and sense of place. However, the possibilities and opportunities of moving to Australia have provided Jade with an encouragement in her desire to not lead a ‘repetitive and mundane life’. Undertaking her first year of Communication and Media Studies, she remains determined and optimistic.

 ‘I have kind of created a different sense of belonging.’

Portrait #2- A Change of Scene, But Not a Change in Heart


Portrait #2-Nick Davoren

Nick Davoren 20, Bachelor of Journalism and Creative Arts

First year Journalism and Creative Arts student Nick Davoren 20, has moved towns and changed degrees in the hope of pursuing a career in radio; a decision fuelled by his love of music. A difference in scenery and distance from home has contributed to widening his perspectives and finding his place in the world, as Nick describes:

‘[It is] definitely changing things, changing the ways I approach various situations.’

What some may perceive to be an intimidating transition, Nick remains undeniably optimistic, faithful in that ‘somehow, everything always pulls together.’ After all, the starting point of all achievement is desire.

Portrait #1-‘Don’t Waste Your Money’


Keiden Cheung 18, Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies

Keiden Cheung
18, Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies

After commencing the first year of his Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies degree, Keiden Cheung 18, accentuates the importance of community involvement and participation in extra-curricular activities as a means of enhancing student life.

‘University is more than just getting a piece of paper at the end of it. It’s a changing point in our life…to enrich that experience I personally believe that we need to get involved as much as possible with all the additional facilities and outlets that the university provides.’

Keiden is currently involved in UOWTV Multimedia working as a camera-man, a future dream of his.