About Me

“Journalism can never be silent: That is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.”
– Henry Anatole Grunwald

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I am captivated by experience, completely immersed in my surroundings. I sit here, scouring my brain in the hope that I will discover the right words to express to you, my readers, who I am. At this moment, I am quite happily enveloped by the aroma of coffee at my local Panizzi, long black in hand, and a stream of musical symphonies by Beethoven in my left ear. The life of a university student.

 In 2013, I was opened up to a world of hurt and confusion, one that I had never been exposed to before. I had the misfortune of losing someone very close to me, a person I admired, respected and cherished. My father. After his death, in search for answers, I soon found myself on board a plane en route to London. It was time to move. After sealing a job, living quarters and attaining a visa, I was well on my way. To travel and gaze upon sites that I had only ever dreamed of, seemed like a great way to escape into the unknown. The friends I made, the stories I heard, only deepened my curiosity of the world and the people in it, each with their own tale.

 Two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to imagine myself sitting here, beginning my undergraduate degree to become a Journalist. It is an invigorating thought to be able to study what I am most passionate about, and fill the corners of my mind with knowledge that I am so thirsty for. Perhaps it is through my greatest struggles that I have developed an appreciation for what is true, and the importance of ideas and values. Sometimes I will write about things that you will like, sometimes about more controversial issues. More or less this blog will be a product of my endless thought process and  attitudes towards the world and the people in it.

Have a read.



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