Time to Ponder

Image Credit: Elly Manoe

Image Credit: Elly Manoe

“When people tell you a story, it’s like they’re singing you a song. Every voice has its own musicality, its own tone and timbre. And even just a little half-sentence fragment can go in through your ear and tell you something profound about a person’s soul.”

-Aaron Henkin

An individual’s sense of belonging is established through the influence of people, places and culture. In construction of my first assessment, I plan to aspire to this concept by conveying a lack of connection, coupled with a continuous challenge of cultural disparity in my interviewee Bol Agok. As a preface, Bol migrated from his home country of South Sudan for a better education and for a better life. In doing so, he left his mother, his family and his friends behind,  only leaving them with the promise he would return. A story as such, needs to be sung.

I plan to initiate my piece with the robust rhythms of African drums to establish context and background for the piece. A preceding sharp transition to a simplistic ambience of meditation and bells will further draw in the listener allowing for the beginning monologue to stand out and emphasise the dominant themes that will be explored. The selection of interview material will highlight the separation between Bol and his family and the why migration was a necessity. As a technique of evoking emotion I further plan to utilise blank space in between statements and rising tones between interview material.


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