The Journey

Image Credit: The Fitness Walking Guide

Image Credit: The Fitness Walking Guide

It’s the feeling of endorphins that race through your body, and the pump of your heart beating in your chest. It’s the challenge and strength that comes with the process, the routine of accomplishment and ongoing success. 

For this week’s journalism module I focussed primarily on the University of Wollongong’s Recreation and Aquatic Centre (URAC), attempting to signify the complexities of place . My drafted montage layered together a combination of different audio sounds and ambience to signify the journey between the gym, and the exercises completed whilst there. In creating the journey between, I chose to contrast the soft sounds of home to the harder and corse sounds of weights, treadmills and loud conversation. However, I found difficulty in establishing the importance of place for individuals with a lack of interview material. Essentially, I find that was I have composed thus far could work as a short introductory piece for a longer interview, or as a layered ambience for other projects. In saying this, I effectively used the editing techniques of layering, fades and cuts, sound levels and  transitions to stream together a well produced montage. Accessing external audio files from online sound banks also contributed to the overall project, dynamically enhancing the natural sounds. Overall, I feel that the simplicity and concise nature of the montage serves well in establishing a brief picture of the facets of an active lifestyle.


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